The Rugby Player I: Strength and Conditioning Foundation on Spitfire Athlete


Looking for an off season strength training plan for rugby? We got you covered. The Rugby Player I will help you build your strength foundation.

Afterwards, continue to The Rugby Player II, which will help you build strength and power.

These plans were crafted by Kimber Rozier, a professional rugby player for the USA Women’s National Rugby Team and strength coach at Scion Rugby Academy.

Pick a weight that you can use to complete the desired sets and rep scheme such that you are having difficulty completing your last rep.

Maintain the same weight for the first three weeks. In the last three weeks, challenge yourself by lifting slightly more on each of your major exercises.

Training Preview

Below is a preview of Day 5: Strength Function.

If you click on the circle exercise image, you will be taken to a detailed instruction page as shown. Every detailed instruction page has a camera icon in the upper right hand corner with a detailed instructional video.


The Rugby Player I is one of our pro training plans. The best place to buy pro is from our website, where it’s only $29.99/mo vs. $36.33/mo in the App Store.

Are you ready to finish strong? Start training with Spitfire Athlete today.

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