The Finisher: Lower Body Bodyweight Strength Training Plan Spitfire Athlete


It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish. It’s how you finish what you have begun. It’s about how you dig deep when the going gets tough. It’s about finishing strong.

This beginner bodyweight strength training plan can be done while you’re traveling, at home, and on the go. You will train three days a week for four weeks and build a foundation of strength for your entire body through mastery of lower body movements like squats, lunges, and bridges.

Training Calendar

There are two major phases of this training plan: Lower Body Level 1 and Lower Body Level 2. Level 1 includes exercises like lunges, bodyweight squats, and bridges. Level 2 includes more challenging exercises like jump lunges, tuck jumps, and single leg bridges.


Training Day Preview

Below is a preview of Lower Body Level 1 Day 1. Notice the 3 sets of 10 rep range and how straightforward it is to go from one exercise to the next. This training plan is very beginner friendly and is meant to be approachable and easy to finish if you just stay the course.

If you click on the circle exercise image, you will be taken to a detailed instruction page as shown. Every detailed instruction page has a camera icon in the upper right hand corner with a detailed instructional video.

You can use the handy timer in the bottom to rest for 3-5 minutes in between your sets.


The Finisher is one of our pro training plans. The best place to buy pro is from our website, where it’s only $29.99/mo vs. $36.33/mo in the App Store.

Are you ready to finish strong? Start training with Spitfire Athlete today.

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