The Fighter: Bodyweight Strength & Conditioning Training Plan on Spitfire Athlete


What do you fight for? What do you fight to protect in the face of adversity? This bodyweight strength and conditioning program will help you cultivate strength, grit, and determination so that you can fight your battles and emerge victorious.

This bodyweight-only training program can be done anywhere and on the go. You will train three days a week and on each training day you will build leg strength, upper body strength, and core strength.

Training Calendar

You will train three days a week for four weeks. Each week you will focus on strength, agility, power, and finally, mastery of all the exercises. You will have a leg day, an upper body day, and a core focus day.

Your Leg Strength Day involves circuit training with exercise like burpees and bodyweight squats. Your Upper Body Strength Day will consist of plank work and push-up variations. Your Core Strength Day involves a variety of core exercises including mountain climbers, air bicycles, and toe touches.


Training Day Preview

Below is a preview of Week 1, Day 5: Core Strength.

If you click on the circle exercise image, you will be taken to a detailed instruction page as shown. Every detailed instruction page has a camera icon in the upper right hand corner with a detailed instructional video.


The Fighter is one of our pro training plans. The best place to buy pro is from our website, where it’s only $29.99/mo vs. $36.33/mo in the App Store.

Train to fight, and fight to win your battles. Start training with Spitfire Athlete today.

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