What is strength? Strength is grit. Resilience. Persistence in the face of adversity. Strength is something we all need a little bit more of in our lives. But unfortunately, as women, strength is something we are often discouraged from developing.

We built Spitfire Athlete because most fitness products “for women” are all about how you look and not about what you can do. 

Spitfire used to describe a woman with a fiery temper (and a fighter aircraft). Today, the word spitfire embodies the strength, intelligence, and ambition of the modern day woman. We are intelligent, dauntless, driven. We are spitfires.

Welcome to our blog. Our vision is for this blog to be the central resource for introducing women to strength training and where women can research and learn about how to become stronger, more flexible, and more powerful. Our vision is for this resource to help you develop any athletic ability and to therefore reach your training goals.

This blog works best if you use our app to train. Download Spitfire Athlete from the App Store now.


Otherwise, get reading! Below is a collection of our strength training related blog posts. Start with Fundamental Concepts for Strength Training.

 Getting Started with Strength Training

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