Spitfire Athlete Pricing FAQ

Why does Spitfire Athlete Pro cost $29.99 a month?

The average cost of one hour long session with a personal trainer is $60-$70. I have never seen a reputable one that charges less than $25 per hour.

The rate for a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS) is often even higher.

The average cost for a bikini bodybuilding online coach is $25 per week.

With the Spitfire Athlete app, you get access to all of our premium training plans, which include 4 different types of bikini bodybuilding plans, sport specific plans, powerlifting and strength training for running plans at $29.99 per month. We charge you significantly less than a trainer since there is no in person coaching element. We also charge you much less than someone would to create a single 12-week training plan – depending on the specificity of the plan, they could cost anywhere from $250 – $800 each.

We encourage you to go see a certified strength and conditioning coach to learn the barbell lifts in person. After you have learned the technique and proper form, if what you want is a structured training plan, Spitfire Athlete is one of the most affordable options out there.

So why is the minimum purchase $109.99 for 3 months in the iOS app?

Most of our plans are 12 weeks long, so the minimum purchase is for 3 months in the app. The price in the app is also 30% more expensive than from our website because of App Store fees.

If you want to purchase an auto renewing monthly subscription at $29.99 a month, the best place to do so is from our website: https://pro.spitfireathlete.com/

Why isn’t this free? This used to be free.

Believe it or not, we get this question all the time. We charge what is required to keep the infrastructure of the app running. To keep an app running costs time and money in development, hosting, and storage costs. We provided Spitfire Athlete at no cost for two years. In order to keep it available and keep it advertisement free, we have to charge what it is worth.

In addition, our beginner plans The Warrior or The Heroine and are still 100% free. We actually recommend most people new to barbell training start with The Warrior.

Why should I pay for this instead of using a free workout app?

Spitfire Athlete provides structured training plans. Our plans are meticulously crafted to help you achieve your fitness goals whether that is to build a certain physique, lift more than your bodyweight, do your first pull-up or become a stronger rock climber, runner or martial artist. We know our plans work. We have tested them and they come made by the some of the best strength and conditioning coaches out there and athletes that are at the top of their game.

If what you want is to do is simply get your heart rate up and perform goal-less exercise that doesn’t get you closer to any particular outcome, you can certainly try any of the numerous apps out there that give you randomized daily workouts. But if what you want to do is train, get better and make progress, then Spitfire Athlete is the app you are looking for.

Remember, just paying for a gym membership is a waste of money unless you also know that what you are doing in the gym is helping you make actual progress. Why do something random when you could know that every workout you are doing is getting you closer to your goals? Spitfire Athlete is a tool that allows you to maximize your time and efficiency at the gym.


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