The Fighter: Weight Lifting Strength & Conditioning Program on Spitfire Athlete


Prepare yourself for your battles. Build full body strength for health, performance, and injury prevention. The Fighter is inspired by internationally-ranked jiu jitsu competitor Rebecca Reuben, who strength trains in addition to jiu jitsu in order to be strong, powerful, and injury free.

Training Schedule

You will 3 days a week for four weeks and will need access to full gym equipment. You’ll be doing a variety of barbell work, intervals, and core training.

Week 1

  • Training Session 1: Legs & Back
  • Training Session 2: Upper Body Strength
  • Training Session 3: Core Power

Week 2

  • Training Session 1: Legs & Back
  • Training Session 2: Push Pull Strength
  • Training Session 3: Core Strength

Week 3

  • Training Session 1: Champion Maker
  • Training Session 2: Pull & Grip Strength
  • Training Session 3: Kimura Power

Week 4

  • Training Session 1: Squats & Deadlifts
  • Training Session 2: Upper Body Conditioning
  • Training Session 3: Core Performance


Below is a preview of Week 1 Day 3: Upper Body Strength.

If you click on the circle exercise image, you will be taken to a detailed instruction page as shown. Every detailed instruction page has a camera icon in the upper right hand corner with a detailed instructional video.


The Fighter is one of our pro training plans. The best place to buy pro is from our website, where it’s only $29.99/mo vs. $36.33/mo in the App Store.

Train to fight, and fight to win your battles. Start training with Spitfire Athlete today.


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