How to Strength Train for Running

Have you ever tried researching how to be a stronger runner, only to find articles that list exercises but don’t show you how to structure them into a program?

We made The Runner 12 Week Strength Training Plan for any runner who wants to build her strength levels, improve her overall running performance, and improve her resistance to injury.

This plan includes a strength cycle, non-running conditioning, tempo runs, and long runs that train you up to a 10K distance.

You’ll be training four days a week and resting on the remaining days. The Runner starts off with a strength cycle. You will complete the barbell squat, deadlift, and alternate between bench press and the press.

In order to increase strength, you need to be increasing the weights you are lifting from training day to training day.

For the first six weeks you will have one non-running conditioning day and one long run day. The non-running conditioning days help to build a basic anaerobic conditioning base while allowing more recovery from your strength training days.

By cycling and rowing on your non-running conditioning days, you improve your conditioning while reducing the likelihood of repetitive strain injury. You will end the week with long runs. Long runs allow you to practice your running and slowly add in some mileage.

In the last 6 weeks, the non-running conditioning days will be replaced by tempo runs. A tempo run is a faster-paced run that improves your metabolic conditioning by increasing your lactate threshold. Tempo run pace is “comfortably hard”. In terms of perceived exertion it should feel like an 8/10 on a scale of 1-10. Your goal is to add 15-20 seconds from your tempo run the week before.

The last week of the plan is a taper followed by a 10K test run at the end of the plan. Athletes need to taper (reduce activity and rest up) so that they can save all their energy for performing on race day.

It’s time to be a stronger, faster, and injury free runner. Go Pro and get started with The Runner today.



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