How to Strength Train for Physique

Did you know that the secret to having the physique of your dreams is to actually develop your strength?

Strength is queen.

If you’ve ever played a game of chess – trust me – you’ll want to be the queen. She is the most powerful piece in the game.

So why do you need a solid foundation of strength if your goal is to have an aesthetically pleasing physique?

A well conditioned muscle is able to receive a greater electrochemical impulse to that muscle. – Fred Hatfield

Iron novices don’t have very developed neuromuscular control. They may be active people (marathon runners, college athletes) but if one hasn’t gone through a linear progression yet, one is still a novice to the iron world.

This means one can’t lift heavy weights yet relative to their strength potential. So you need to go through a strength cycle first in order to develop improved neuromuscular control. This is why many of our plans start off with linear strength progressions, including The Daredevil.

Many novices are eager to start with a split training program (where you have an arm day, a leg day, etc) and where you target each muscle group in the 8-12 rep range with isolation exercises. Split training is actually more appropriate for an intermediate level athlete, someone who has already gone through a linear strength progression.

By going through a strength cycle first, you will improve your neuromuscular control, which will make you stronger and allow you to lift more during your split training cycle.

This allows you to develop your physique faster and more efficiently than if you went straight to split training. This is because you will be able to lift heavier during your split training and lifting heavier will allow you to better develop the aesthetic that you desire.

So, unlike most bodybuilding programs that you’re going to see on the market that start off with split training, you’ll want a program that starts off with a strength cycle and that transitions to split training. After your building phase you’ll want to transition to a cutting phase where you increase the amount of cardio you’re doing.

We go into the details of this in our plan, The Daredevil.



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