Untold Stories: Khutulun

Khutulun was such a badass, it’s hard to even know where to start.

She was born a princess – the daughter of Kaidu, the Mongolian khan. She grew up with 14 brothers so she learned how to defend herself pretty quickly. By the time she was an adolescent, she was entering public wrestling competitions and winning.

By the way, in Mongolian wrestling there are no weight classes. So the best wrestlers were often the biggest men and matches could last anywhere from seconds to hours. To remain undefeated, Khutulun must have been an incredibly strong athlete.

When she reached marriageable age, Khutulun declared she would marry anyone who could defeat her in a wrestling match.

In addition, the suitor would have to wager 100 horses in order to fight her.

I bet you know where this is going.

Khutulun ended up with 10,000 horses. She never lost once.

She had as many horses as the Mongolian emperor.


Khutulun was also a true warrior princess, as skilled on the battlefield as she was in the ring.

She was described by Marco Polo as the greatest warrior in the khan’s army.

Her personal style was to ride straight into enemy ranks, pick up the opposing commander mid-combat and carry him back to her father – thus winning the battle.

You can imagine the consternation of the opposing armies!


Today, male Mongolian wrestlers honor Khutulun by baring their chests to prove that they are male and not worthy of being mistaken for Khutulun.

Because she was and always will be the greatest wrestler of them all.


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