The Untold Stories

In the final days of our Kickstarter campaign, we’re going to be telling real life stories of badass women. These are the stories that should have been told to us in history class, but weren’t.

Why aren’t these women in our text books?

Maybe because they show women that we are the ultimate authority of our own lives. Maybe because it sends us the message that we can be skilled in strength, martial arts, weaponry. That we can be powerful. That we can rule kingdoms.

That your life belongs to you and you alone.

Learn your history. Learn about the true stories and lives of these women and let their fierce, unstoppable spirit inspire you to action in your own life.


Ng Mui

Ng Mui was born the daughter of a general in the Ming court.

Her parents were killed in an uprising while she was traveling. She too was being hunted, so she could not go back to her palace life — instead, she took refuge in the White Crane Temple, where she learned White Crane kung fu.

She became one of the most gifted martial artists in her era and was credited with further developing White Crane kung fu, then considered to be one of the art’s deadliest forms.

But she wasn’t satisfied with simply being a talented martial artist. She continued to develop new forms of martial arts and ended up developing Plum Blossom Boxing, Dragon Shape Boxing, Chu Family Mantis style, Dog boxing and Five Plums Boxing.

And yet – this wasn’t enough. Ng Mui wanted to develop an even deadlier form of self-defense. One which didn’t emphasize brute strength, but rather, being able to defeat one’s opponent regardless of one’s size, weight, and gender.

She drew her inspiration by studying how animals fight in the wild. One day, when she was meditating outside, she watched a crane attack a snake. The snake lost. She studied the crane’s movements and adapted them to the human body to create the basis of what would today be known as Wing Chun.

Meanwhile, Ng Mui became friends with a local village girl named Yim Wing-Chun. A local warlord bully was coercing Yim Wing-Chun to marry him and threatened to assault Wing-Chun if she didn’t.

Yim Wing-Chun asked Ng Mui to teach her fighting techniques so that she could protect herself. Ng Mui agreed.

Wing-Chun followed her into the mountains and trained night and day, until she mastered the techniques. Then she challenged the bully to a fight and beat him. Bam!

Mui was impressed and named this new style of fighting Wing Chun in her honor. And that is how Wing Chun was born. And yes, this is the same style of fighting that Bruce Lee learned from his mentor, Yip Man.

It wasn’t until 1949 when Yip Man, considered the grandmaster of modern Wing Chun, would bring this style out of China, into Hong Kong, and eventually to the rest of the world.

But it all started with one female grandmaster teaching another woman how to defend herself against a would-be rapist. How badass is that?


Let’s build a culture of women building strength and power together.

Let’s build a community of women who can help each other take control of their lives, like the heroines before us.

Train to unleash your inner heroine. Back us on Kickstarter today.


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