Why We Give A F*ck About Women, Strength Training, and Badassery

 “You empower what it means to be a girl. You may not realize it, but girls everywhere benefit when you publicly display your strengths, athletic or otherwise. You’re sending a message. When you see one girl do it, it suddenly becomes possible for all girls to do it too.” – Jill Oakes Pro Soccer Player

We built Spitfire Athlete for women. Why? Because women are limitless. We can lead countries. Run our own companies. Save lives. Inspire nations. We behold a fierce, limitless spirit within, and Spitfire Athlete is about unleashing that spirit.

Dr. Mae Jemison, physician and NASA astronaut, in space

We’re rarely encouraged to do bold, audacious, ambitious things. We’re rarely encouraged to be strong and invincible.

We are here to change that. We’re here to say that you can be strong. You can be invincible. You can go after your dreams. You can grab the bull by the horns, ride fiercely into battle, and come out victorious. We’re here to tell the stories of women who overcome struggle and achieve greatness.

We’re here to tell the stories of women who are strong, confident, resilient, and working hard towards causes they care about. Because their stories are better going to help us with what we’re going through. Because that is what we find inspiring, and that is something worth writing about.

We believe there are two important things that “this world” doesn’t teach you: how to build your strength and how to be a fucking badass. So we’re taking matters into our own hands.

Strength Is A Superpower

Now when I talk about strength, I really mean strength in both the physical and the mental sense, because they are closely related. True strength is grit. Strength, as Gandhi puts it, comes from an indomitable will. Indomitable: impossible to subdue or defeat. Now why wouldn’t you want to train to be impossible to subdue or defeat?

Olympian Melanie Roach at 2014 American Open, age 40, mom of 3, gold-medalist

We are all women of indomitable will. Strength comes not from our muscles alone, but from a very deep drive, ambition, and our will to go on. And we all have it within ourselves. We are passionate about teaching strength training to women and creating a world where we can teach each other how to be strong. Imagine how different our world could be if every woman was taught how to build her own physical and mental strength.

Olympian Melanie Roach (left) teaching a young woman weightlifting. Training the next generation. 

This would transform how we view our bodies – as capable of high performance, as strong and able. This would transform how we eat – we will eat to fuel our performance and our goals. This would transform how we view what we can do – we will begin to see our limitless potential and understand how powerful and badass we really are. And of course, we would all be unfuckwittable.

Building strength also trains your mind. It teaches you about persistence. It teaches you to view yourself as building yourself and adding to your successes.

You should strength train no matter who you are and no matter how old you are. And at the end of the day, strength is really about the unstoppable will to go on. We’re building Spitfire Athlete to teach you how to strength train.

Uma Thurman as Beatrice Kiddo learning martial arts in Kill Bill 2

Ode to Badassery

Now strength training automatically lends itself to this feeling…feeling like a badass. And then doing things that badasses do. You know…it’s that scene in the movie of your life…where you’re jumping out a window of a building on fire…and in slow motion, shooting two huge guns in each hand, yelling like crazy, right before you grab hold of a helicopter overhead with one arm and heroically get flown away to HQ.

Scarlett Johansson as Lucy in Lucy (2014)

But seriously, growing up, we’re not taught to be badass. It’s quite the opposite, actually. How are we ever going to go anywhere and get anything done if the mindset that we have consists mainly of worrying about overstepping boundaries, being nice, and playing by the rules? I personally feel that behaving like a straight up badass opens so many doors, and that the attitude of “fuck it, I’m going to do this” is actually what it takes to move mountains.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, awesomely photoshopped photo thanks to The Onion

Being a badass is about going after what you want. And, when obstacles arise, about finding a way instead of giving up. It’s about standing up for what you believe in. It’s about saying No when No needs to be said. It’s about being free of these shackles of what we “can and can’t do”, not giving a fuck about what others think, and following our passions.

Venus and Serena Williams “I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.” – Venus Williams

Lastly, we’re here to be the ones who say that you can. Growing up, how many times has someone told you, “I think you could achieve great things in life.” Not enough, right? So we’re going to say it. We think you can achieve great things in life. We think you can change the world. We think you can be a strong, beautiful, badass who inspires all.

So build your strength. Then show off your strength. Show others what is possible and keep working hard towards your dreams and goals. Because that’s what badasses do. When the time comes, you’ll have your moment, blazing in fire, because you earned it.

“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission,” by artist Eddie Colla

Let’s take over this world now, shall we?


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