Why You’ll Need Pro to Continue Using Spitfire Athlete

We first launched our Pro offering in January of 2016 which unlocked a new suite of plans. We are now expanding Pro to cover every single training plan in Spitfire Athlete except for The Warrior and The Heroine, which will remain 100% free.

Spitfire Athlete first launched in April of 2014. For the last two years, we offered 12 completely free training plans ranging from 4-12 weeks long.

We’ve gotten 105,000+ women stronger than they ever were before, from lifting their first barbell to lifting multiples over their bodyweight.

We’ve gotten spitfires who learned their first pull-up and who went from being able to do a pull-up with 10lbs around their waist to multiple sets with 25lbs around their waist.

Our spitfires have trained to compete in their first powerlifting competitions and in their first triathlons.

Our spitfires have strength trained throughout their pregnancies and have fought through cancer and anorexia.

We are proud to have created a product that has had such a positive impact on many people’s lives in its early years. Our vision is to continue building a world where women are half of the weight room and a community of women building strength together.

In the first two years of Spitfire Athlete, our product was 100% free.

The thing is, when most apps say they are free, they really aren’t. Many apps sustain themselves with advertising. Many apps also seem free on the exterior but actually sell your data.

The real cost to using these apps and having your data sold under the table is being subject to harmful advertisements. Many advertisements targeted at women promote unrealistic body types, photoshopped bodies, unhealthy and unsustainable diets, and promote ageism. Many advertisements targeted at women are all about how you should look, which is the opposite of what Spitfire Athlete stands for. We’re all about showing you how to train towards all the amazing things you can do.

If we put advertisements in our app or sold your data, we’d be selling women’s empowerment on the front but really have a business model that supports the very institutions that systematically undermine women’s confidence.

For these reasons, we never integrated advertisements into the app and we never sold your data. We continue to stand by these values.

We want to continue providing and growing Spitfire Athlete to more women around the world. We want to continue expanding on our Pro offering by building the smart training plans that we envisioned from the very beginning – plans that tell you how much to lift and adjust dynamically based on your nutrition, how much sleep you got, and where you are in your period cycle.

We first launched our Pro offering in January of 2016 which unlocked a new suite of plans. We are now expanding Pro to cover every single training plan in Spitfire Athlete except for The Warrior and The Heroine, which will remain 100% free.

Unfortunately, there may be some technical transition issues you may encounter if you were halfway through a plan which was once free, but now isn’t, and now you’re locked out of it. We’re sorry if these issues get in the way of your training and that we couldn’t make the transition smoother.

You can go Pro on the iPhone App for $79.99/6 months.

Or, you can unlock Pro on all your devices at our special web rate of $11.99/mo for a limited time on our Spitfire Athlete Pro website.

These first two years were really great and we hope you enjoyed using Spitfire completely free. We hope that we can continue to support you in your lifelong pursuit of strength, greatness, and badassery.


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The ultimate women's strength training app featuring 4-12 week training plans for strength, endurance, sports, bodyweight training, and physique. Download Now: itunes.apple.com/app/spitfire-athlete/id822040342?mt=8




I have come to really appreciate this app for what it is and how helpful it has been. I got this very late last year and found it to be very simple to use and very good and keeping me motivated and was raving about it to everyone. I also appreciate the lengths Spitfire is going to to keep our information private and to keep their users motivated.

With that said, it is extremely disappointing to find out through an app update, that most of the workouts are now locked unless we pay. While it is normal for apps to take the “freemium” approach, I believe this could’ve been done in a way that minimized disruptions. For users like myself to find out we are abruptly locked out of a workout in the middle of our week or plan without any warning or options to even finish the currently opened plan is just very disappointing. It discourages me to continue using this. It doesn’t provide any incentive anymore. I myself was in the middle of completing my first plan to see how it would be. And now I am unable to. I’m now discouraged from subscribing more because I don’t even know how effective this plan is. While I understand the business decision behind this, I think there could’ve been a much better transition for your users.

Hey J, thanks for leaving a note. We’re really sorry we couldn’t make this transition smoother. I’d be happy to give you complimentary access to pro so that you can finish the remainder of your first plan so that you can see if it’s going to work for you. I’m going to send you an email right now.

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